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Desert Moon by Susan Page Davis

cover104637-mediumDesert Moon by Susan Page Davis is a wonderful historical fiction. The story takes place in Arizona. There is a sweet romance throughout the story with a little bit of danger and mystery added. The story begins fast with a stage coach robbery and then blames of the crime are made and with evidence.

The main character, Julia Newman, is a young lady that makes the difficult decisions. Julia receives double bad news in a short amount of time. First she learns of her mother’s death, then she learns that her brother is accused of robbing a stagecoach and the person who informed her is the man that Julie has always love, Deputy Adam Scott.

Julie left home to go to school to become a teacher because she could not stand to be near the man she loved, Deputy Adam Scott.  On her way home, Julie learns that the stagecoach she is riding in has been robbed. Deputy accused Julie’s brother of the crime, which frustrates her. Julie tries to convince Deputy Adam Scott of her brother’s innocence but then finds out that her brother has gone mission.  During this exchange, Julie discovers that her feelings for Deputy Adam Scott has not gone away as she hoped would happen when she went away to school.


Thank you to NetGalley and Barbour Books for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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The Blessing by Wanda E. Brunstetter

cover112930-mediumThe Blessing by Wanda E. Brunstetter is the second book in the series The Amish cooking class. In the first book Heidi and Lyle open their home up at the Troyer Amish Farm for cooking classes that Heidi teaches. In this second book Heidi teaches were second cooking class. I read the Brunstetter’s first book in The Amish cooking class series and this book did not disappoint.

Just like the first book, Heidi’s students in The Blessing are facing a variety of needs. Aa young teenage who is struggling with life after her mother, an alcoholic, abandon her family. A mailman who wants to learn to cook. A wife who’s husband is a policeman and gives her this gift to learn to cook. A caterer who wants to learn new recipes for her business and a hunter who wants to learn to cook for his buddies. The story bring in some of the characters from the first book in the series, which is an added bonus to see how the first set of doing are doing.

Heidi seems to be a compassionate and thoughtful young woman, with a good sense of humor who genuinely loves sharing her love of cooking and of God with her students. It is heartwarming to see how Heidi is able to reach her students hearts when they are suffering, particularly teenage Nicole, who is struggling with forgiving her mother for leaving the family.

At the classes Heidi teaches her student to cook good Amish food and always sends them home with a Bible verse on the back of the recipe card. The story shows how each person needs something in there lives and Heidi is able to help them.

The story has feelings of hope, love, friendship, forgiveness and trust in God. Heidi shares a scripture with each of her recipe cards. This touching story left me wanting for more. I hope there will be more additions to her Cooking Class series. The stories are uplifting and enjoyable to read.

I received an ARC from Shiloh Run Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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YA Review – Defending Taylor

I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 8.18.00 PM
About a year ago I discovered Miranda Kenneally. The first book I read was  Breathe, Annie, Breath and I immediately fell in love with her writing style and the characters. I am a person who loves sports. I played soccer starting from the age of 7, so when I heard about this book I was very excited. While I enjoyed the book very much I did not enjoy it as much as Kenneally’s other books.

Defending Taylor is about Taylor. Taylor is the daughter of a state senator. Previously she attended St. Andrews, an elite private school; however, she was kicked out when she lied about drugs that were found in her possession saying that they belonged to her when in fact they belonged to her boyfriend. Her decision to lie not only caused a lot of problems. It caused her to be kicked out of St. Andrews. It caused problems with her dad’s re-election campaign. Now that Taylor no longer can attend St. Andrews she must enroll in Hundred Oaks High School for her senior year.

Taylor feels terrible about everything, and things seems to be getting worse but she is not sure how to solve it; other than telling the truth, but telling the truth now will do not good; in fact, it may make it worse. Part of Taylor’s consequence is to visit a counselor several times a week. Taylor at first does not like it but as time goes on it gets better and the counselor helps Taylor sort out some of her feelings and big decisions about her future.

When Taylor was at St. Andrews she played on the soccer team and was due to become the captain her senior year; however, with being expelled she lost that position. Taylor joined Hundred Oaks team to get to mind off of all the stress.  Unfortunately, the team is one of the worse in the state and Taylor learns why fast. Taylor thought soccer would help with making friends but the team is not a team and only makes her frustrated. When Ezra, Taylor’s brothers friend, comes into the picture, that when things begin to turn around for Taylor. Taylor has had a crush on Ezra for many years. Ezra helps Taylor find her old self again.

This books shows that a teenagers life is not always perfect. Life has its ups and downs even if your family is in the spotlight.  It does not matter if you put the pressure on yourself or you take the blame for something you did not do; life is not always perfect.

I received this advanced readers copy from Sourcebooks Fire via NetGalley for an honest review.

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