All Aboard the Voyage of Discovery by Emily Hawkins and Tom Adams

cover156018-mediumAll Aboard the Voyage of Discovery by Emily Hawkins and Tom Adams is an amazingly fun and interesting book with a wonderful amount of educational information and even includes an intriguing mystery that you have to use skills and knowledge to uncover while you navigate your way through the book. Each page is packed with fun facts and information. This book has lift-the-flap clues on each page making it a bit more fun.

In this book, children are invited to find a missing movie reel. Along the way, they are presented with an appealing history of communication. There are small boxes on each two page spread that are filled with interesting facts. Children can learn about everything from the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, to telegraphs, to the discovery of graphite, to the printing press, telephones and of course, the movies. All are presented in a way that makes learning easy and fun.

I really really enjoyed this and not only was it so well written and informative, but the illustrations are just as equally amazing! The details and use of colours is so spot on. I could easily have grabbed this book just to study the art. Even as an adult, this book told me things I hadn’t known about. I can easily see this as being popular with children who have that hunger for knowledge about how and when, things in this world were first invented. Such as Pencils, Telephones and other forms of communications. But also about the Pony Express, Rock carvings and movies! For a little book, it has quite alot of information. This is one that I definitely highly recommend for all ages.

The only downside for me was that I was unable to see what was under the flaps as it was an e-version.

I received an ARC from Wide Eyed Editions via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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