Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris

40216800Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris is a historical fiction. The idea of the novel came from a real photograph the author found advertising children for sale. The ideas are all fictional within the book though with even moving the time frame to that of the great depression.

The book follows Ellis Reed, a reporter that happened upon the children and took a photo of them and the sign advertising their sale while looking for inspiration. And then there is Lillian Palmer who worked at the paper and saw Ellis’ photo and couldn’t help but want to know more. As Ellis’ story hits the papers the book then follows the characters from there but the children are never forgotten from that moment.

The writing is beautifully descriptive and emotionally provocative. The heartbreaking photograph evokes painful memories for both Lily and Ellis, ultimately motivating them to action at any cost. The brilliantly plotted story takes us on a wild ride from that front porch, to the hectic city newsroom, to a dilapidated boarding house, a swanky dinner club, an encounter with the mob, the home of a rich banker, a warehouse break in, and a barn in the middle of sprawling fields. It’s a fast paced novel rich with suspense and full of well-defined characters. Ellis’s struggles with his decisions, his career, and his father were readily apparent and made him seem vulnerable and real. Lily, my favorite character was smart and diligent, and knew she could do so much more than be a secretary. Her strength, persistence and bravery in the quest to make things right is what makes this book come alive.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it.

I received an e-ARC from Sourcebooks via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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