Tree Song by Tiffany Stone

cover129618-mediumTree Song by Tiffany Stone is a joyful book follows the life cycle of a tree as it grows from seedling to mature tree, and finally gives way to a new sapling. At every stage of the tree’s life, children are seen playing under its branches. Each season brings with it new sounds, whether it’s the chirping of birds in the spring or the flitter flutter of leaves in the fall. As well as a home for animals, the tree provides a canopy for a summer picnic, and a perfect place to hang a swing. Most important of all, when old age fells the tree, it provides an acorn from which a new tree will grow. Colorful illustrations with lots of small details will capture the attention of young readers, while the lyrical text makes this an ideal read-aloud book. It can also serve as the perfect introduction to nature’s life cycles.

The message to me is conservation, getting out in nature and learning about the seasons and their affect on trees. There is so much to see in each illustration that this book could take a long time to get through if you encourage conversation. The text is written in a rhyming form that has a singsong cadence to it. A great book for use in classrooms to teach about a variety of things.

An absolutely wonderful book that has a lovely story and wonderful drawings.

I give this book 4/5 stars.

I received an e-book ARC from Netgalley via Annick Press Ltd. in exchange for an honest review.

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