The Big Flood The Story of Noah and the Ark by Paul Gully

cover131262-mediumThe Big Flood: The Story of Noah and the Ark by Paul Gully is a wonderful new look at the story of Noah and the Ark. The illustrations are well done, very fun to look at and would definitely appeal to youngsters. The text is rhyming and easy to understand, just right for little ones to enjoy. This is a well adapted Bible story.

The story teaches young kids about the unshakeable faith that Noah portrays when God asks him to build an ark and then take care of all the animals on board. He alerts Noah to the fact that He is sending a huge rainstorm that will result in the flooding of the entire earth and He warns Noah that all the non-believers will perish if they refuse to come onto the ark which will be a safe haven for them.

I received an ARC from Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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