Engineered! by Shannon Hunt

20582991_300581413741884_6049633132028624896_nEngineered! by Shannon Hunt is a great children’s non-fiction book. The book is clear, informative, nicely illustrated, detailed, and logically structured. From the Mars Rover to 3D printing to helping a herd of caribou and more, Engineered! dives into nine stories of modern engineering. Kids will learn about the engineering design process from defining the problem to sharing your solution with the world.

Each story highlights the key components of the design process, taking kids on the journey through different types of engineering (aerospace, biomedical, chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil, geomatics, computer, and environmental) from seeing a problem to creating effective solutions to implementing their ideas. Coupled with great illustrations, Engineered! is sure to be a favorite of any budding engineer!

There is a lot of information crammed onto each page (some pages easier to read than others, due to text size, background colour, and minimal spacing between lines of text). However, this is also works to an advantage, as there’s a lot to take in on each page, with full pages of busy geometric-style illustrations. Each time you look at the images you’ll be sure to find something different!

There is a helpful glossary at the end, which is useful to look back on if necessary, as there certainly is a lot of information to take in.

I received this ARC from Kids Can Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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