Hair-pocalypse by Geoff Herbach

cover109381-mediumHair-pocalypse by Geoff Herbach is a wonderful, funny picture book of a boy named Aiden who has wild. Aiden is a little boy with hair that has a mind of its own. This story takes us through a day in Aiden’s life with his wild hair and how he was able to deal with it. The overall message of the book is about compromise and understanding.

Aidan has wild and crazy hair. Aidan’s also a bit on the “grubby” side, as young boys are inclined to be. The book opens with Aidan’s hair in full on rebellion. With what appears to be a mind of its own the mop of hair undertakes to make Aidan’s life embarrassing and difficult.After yelling and screaming and fighting with his hair Aidan finally has a calm conversation with the unruly mop and works out an accommodation.

The illustrations are wonderful and help enhance the story. The pictures depict the personality of the hair and show its rebellion, and then it’s eventual abandon. The pictures show the support and energize the story, which helps the reader with getting into the story.

Thank you to Capstone and Capstone Young Readers via NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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