Tightropes and Teeter-Totters Finding Balance in the Ups and Downs of Life by Lisa Pennington

34523837Tight Ropes and Teeter-Totters by Lisa Pennington is a funny, down-to-earth book about marriage, motherhood, and everything in between! The book has pages filled with fresh ideas; such as, the idea of “BALANCE” (Begin, Assess, Learn, Account, Notify, Change, Endure) acronym that Lisa applies to each area of life, helping the reader find and apply balance to every corner of life. Pennington covers a variety of aspects of life that require balance.

One of my favorite parts was how Pennington uses humor to communicate wisdom. I loved reading stories about her mishaps, weaknesses, and embarrassing moments because while it showed her flaws it showed that she is human and made the author that much more relatable. I appreciated that the author was honest. She presented the truth without sugar-coating it.

She uses balance as an acronym: B-begin, A-assess, L-learn, A-account, N-notify, C-change, and E-endure. In each chapter she shows how we can use this balance in the areas of life that are very important to a woman: first the woman, marriage, motherhood, home, outside of home, friendship, money, our tongue, and our moods. She even gives us bonus chapter titled “Miscellaneous” just because, in her words, women are complicated.

I really enjoyed this book and it has given me much food for thought. Her advice was sound and she wholly relies on the Word of God, as we as Christian women should. This is a book I highly recommend to women and one that I will pick up and reread time and time again. I like the message of bringing balance to our lives in this crazy world we live in.

I received a ARC of this book for free from David C. Cook via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


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