Rachel’s Dream by Lisa Jones Baker

cover109170-mediumRachel’s Dream by Lisa Jones Baker is the third book in Hope Chest of Dreams series. Rachel Kauffmann is eighteen years old, and her hope chest contains her journal with her secret dreams for her life. Rachel loves the family horse Cinnamon and is worried about her. Her father calls out the new vet Dr. Jarred Zimmerman. Jarred is instantly attracted to Rachel’s sweet, caring nature and glass half full attitude. Rachel appreciates Jarred’s love for animals and his caring personality. Cinnamon is very ill and Rachel prays for his recovery. She is grateful for Jarred doing everything possible to save the horse. Rachel and Jarred get to know each other when Jarred visits to check on Cinnamon. Rachel learns that Jarred has not gotten over a tragic incident when he way four years old. It forever changed Jarred. Rachel encourages him to contact his parents to resolve the matter. Jarred is amazed at Grace’s faith and optimism. The pair are quickly falling for each other, but the path to happiness is not a smooth one. If they are to have a future together, God will show them the way.

Rachel’s Dream is easy to read and ties in nicely with the other two books in the series. The main character; Rachel, is eighteen. Rachel leans on God and prays about everything expecting all prayers to be answered. Jarred, an English vet, was given up by his parent’s as a young boy and was raised by a Mennonite couple. Rachel’s sick horse brings them together in the beginning and helps them to develop a deeper relationship.

The book is a sweet, love story of an Englisher and Amish falling in love. I love how he joins the church and the fact that it is not only for her but that he has been living with these thoughts for some time. I did have some issues getting started with the book. It took a little bit of time for me to get started. Another issue I noted was that every prayer that Rachel mentioned in the book, was answered just how she prayed. It might have been more realistic if everything didn’t fall into place so unrealistically.

I did enjoy this book and recommend it to others. It was a great story-line with just a few holes in some places. I loved the idea and that love did prevail in the end. I also loved that the horse lived.

I received this ARC copy from Kensington Books and Zebra publishing companies via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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