Rooting for Rafael Rosales by Kurtis Scaletta

32672758Rooting for Rafael Rosales by Kurtis Scaletta is the story two story strands with different points of view in different time periods. The first character; Rafael, the baseball player, from the Dominican Republic as a boy and as a young man. The second character; Maya, a young tween from Minneapolis. It’s certainly not a typical format for a book, this one pulls it off nicely. At first, the jumping back and forth can feel a bit jarring to the reader, but the flow back and forth starts to make sense, as events from one time and place compliment and inform events from the other time and place.

It also takes the story on from the viewpoint of a character who is not a baseball fanatic, which will be helpful to readers who are not as interested in the game of baseball. For though this is a baseball book, it’s not a story that centers on a game of baseball. Rather, that is simply the common element that exists throughout and the connective tissue between the different times and characters. Readers will discover more about the characters’ lives, ambitions, and Rafael’s hardships through the reading than anything that is particularly baseball centered.

I received this ARC from Albert Whitman & Company via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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