Twelve Terribly Active Princesses who were not Exactly Dancing by Michael Ann Dobbs

34571675Twelve Terribly Active Princesses who were not Exactly Dancing by Michael Ann Dobbs is a cheerful tale that reimagines the classic dancing princesses on a sandlot field instead of in a fairy ballroom.

You get twelve spunky and rambunctious girls sneaking out to play ball, a suspicious and increasingly frustrated set of royal parents, and a resolution.  The story opens with the King trying to keep the girls in their bedroom at night. Then we move to the fellow who figures out what’s going on. It’s upbeat and full of energy.

This version has been tuned up to end on a happier note where no one is cursed or executed, the retired soldier gets to be the princess team’s coach, and the royal parents are happy to let the girls play ball.

The drawings are simple but colorful, and they complement the tale nicely. While this is described as a chapter book or a read to there’s a lot of narrative, so this isn’t just a brief, punchy short story. If you like a little sporty girrrll power with your fractured fairy tales, this could be a nice choice.

I received this ARC from Xist Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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