Hand Over Hand by Alma Fullerton and illustrated by Renne Benoit

cover106751-mediumHand Over Hand by Alma Fullerton and beautifully illustrated by Renne Benoit stresses gender equality. Girls can do anything boys can do. What a delightful, early reader book.

Nina lives in a Filipino fishing village. Lolo, her grandfather, fishes in an old banca boat. He spends long hours on the water. Her job, like that of other village girls, is to stay on shore.

Nina convinces Lolo to take her fishing arguing that two people can catch twice as many fish as one person fishing alone. She is determined to bait her own hook and remove her own fish. Lolo describes the method of bringing in a fish by using hand over hand. It is very simple story, and beautifully drawn. I love that her grandfather just keeps letting her try, and try until she manages to catch a fish of her own, and prove the others wrong, that girls can’t fish.

I received this ARC from Second Story and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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