The Promise Girls by Marie Bostwick

cover107453-mediumThe Promise Girls by Marie Bostwick is a story about child prodigies who were created in the womb for greatness, promised success, prodded by their mother. They were perfectly planned and then everything changed when one of the Promise girls decided to be not so perfect on live TV. Fast forward, twenty years later the story picks up to tell us what the Promise sisters are up to and how they are getting along. One is married, one is a single parent and the third is a mermaid. All have issues to deal with from their childhood. None of them are doing what their mother pushed them toward. The catalyst of a major life threatening accident and the need for money encourages the sisters to do a documentary that will tell the world what happened to “The Promise Girls” once they became adults.

As revelations were made about what happened after the debacle on live TV and how it impacted each of the girls, I wished that their lives could have been different. Passion and promise are not the only things that create professional superstar status. There has to be drive and will and belief in oneself that the sisters seemed to lose at points in their lives. Each sister thrived in her own way and by the end of the book all three sisters eventually were be able to enjoy their talents and gifts and realize the promise their lives held in store for the future.

I received this ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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