The Loud House #1 “There Will Be Chaos” by Chris Savino

cover108453-mediumThe Loud House #1: “There Will Be Chaos” by Chris Savino is based off of the Nickelodeon T.V. show. When I saw this book I knew a few of my students would love to read this story. The student I requested this book for read in about 15 minutes.

The format was easy for my 5th grade student to follow and enjoy. She like it when Lincoln was looking for the T.V. remote. The best chapter was “The Call”. In this chapter Lincoln went looking for a location to talk to Ronneane but when finally found a spot she wanted to talk to her sister.

The illustrations are crisp with strong color contrast throughout. The stories are funny and full of mischief while clearly embracing the annoyance that only true siblings can bring. Fun and enjoyable for the whole family and a strong recommendation for the show.

I received this book from Papercutz via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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