Stolen Words by Melanie Florence, illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard

34415916Stolen Words by Melanie Florence, and illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard is incredibly powerful. It tells the story of a granddaughter wanting to reunite her grandfather with his stolen language; as a Cree child he was forcibly removed from his family and sent away to a school where he was beaten for speaking his own language. When he is unable to tell her the meaning of grandfather in Cree she resolves to do something about it. A short but extremely powerful book about a young girl and her grandfather.

A little girl comes home from school and asks her grandfather how to say grandfather in Cree, since they are of those people. Alas, her grandfather has lost all his words, because he was forbidden to speak them when he went to residential school. Such a powerful way to explain what happened, with lovely pictures, the words becoming a cadged bird as they flew from their mouths.

I received this ARC from Second Story Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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