Little Miss Liberty by Chris Robertson

cover109862-mediumLittle Miss Liberty by Chris Robertson is is fictional story with wonderful illustrations how Lady Liberty came to live in New York Harbor.

From the moment Little Miss Liberty comes into the world, it’s apparent that she is special. As a young girl in Paris, she realizes she is different from her classmates. For one thing she’s green and she grows in leaps and bounds towering over her friends. She is also kindhearted to all those she meets. Eventually, she outgrows pretty much everything and sets out on an adventure to find the place she has always known she was meant to be.

Even though this is obviously a story of fiction, it is a wonderful and creative way to introduce little ones to The Statue of Liberty and all that she symbolizes. As with his other stories, Chris Robertson’s talent as an illustrated shines through. His choice of simple drawings and cool colors are the perfect mix for this charming story.

I received this book from Xist Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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