Disney Beauty and the Beast Volume 2: The Beast’s Tale by Mallory Reaves

cover108903-mediumDisney Beauty and the Beast Volume 2: The Beast’s Tale is an excellent adaptation of the movie. The art in this book was amazing. The illustrator did do great job adapting the film for a manga-style book.

This volume covers the entirety of the film while only showing the scenes that the Beast was directly involved in. By focusing on his character, you get a lot of insight into who he is and learn just how lonely he is.

Overall, The Beast’s Tale was enjoyable and stayed close to the events of the film. I feel to fully enjoy these books, you need to have both volumes on hand to read back-to-back. Seeing only one character’s side of the story leaves too much out to fully enjoy the books, so having both volumes on hand is a smart choice.

I highly recommend these books for Beauty and the Beast fans and for those looking for an introduction to manga who may be unsure if they would enjoy the format.

I received the book from Diamond Book Distributors and Tokyopop via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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