Belle’s Tale (Disney Beauty and the Beast #1) by Mallory Reaves

cover108902-mediumBelle’s Tale (Disney Beauty and the Beast #1) by Mallory Reaves is written from Belle’s point of view. I liked this style because we get to know what Belle is thinking and how she is seeing things. This comic is an adaptation to the new movie. It is well executed and well drawn. It was a quick read.

The art in this book is nicely done. I feel like the illustrator did a great job adapting the film for a manga-style book while still keeping the feel of the original source material.

This volume covers the entirety of the film. I think it was an interesting choice to make two volumes, one from each Beast and Belle’s points of view. By giving each of the main characters their own volume, it allows you to know more of what the character is thinking in any given scene.

Overall, Belle’s Tale was very enjoyable and was a very close adaptation to the film. I’m glad I have volume 2 to pick up right away as the book does feel a bit incomplete without the Beast’s scenes. I highly recommend this for Beauty and the Beast fans and it could be a nice introduction to manga for those unsure if they would enjoy the format.

I received the book from Diamond Book Distributors and Tokyopop via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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