Trusting Jesus Every Day by Michelle Medlock Adams; Ramona Richards; Katherine Anne Douglas

cover97777-mediumTrusting Jesus Every Day: Devotions to Increase a Woman’s Faith by Michelle Medlock Adams; Ramona Richards; Katherine Anne Douglas reminds us that somedays Trusting Jesus may seem easier than others. But it also reminds us that a smile can brighten a day and Giggling can be a wonderful workout. We are reminded too that Jesus should be our place of Refugee. The authors reminds us too that just as the body needs water we need living water to feed our Souls. Trusting Jesus Everyday reminds us that as Christians our Godly lives should be a witness to nonbelievers without words having to be said.

I was given a copy of Trusting Jesus Everyday through the Barbour Publishing, Inc.and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.


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