More Than a Marriage by Amy Lillard

cover105136-mediumMore Than a Marriage by Amy Lillard is about the ways of marriage, faith and romance.  It is the story of Tess and Jacob of Well’s Landing drew me in immediately. More than a Marriage is part of the Quilting Circle series. I have enjoyed this series. The characters are well developed and her story lines are well researched. More than a Marriage covers an issue that is not often thought about when one thinks of Amish and marriage vows. I was delightfully surprised at how she approached this topic. Her plot takes us to the story of Tess and her husband Jacob. They are new to the community of Wells Landing. This community has a way of helping their own. They are a growing community that has somewhat embraced new ideas and technology while still trying to stay within the community rules.

Jacob’s family resides in Wells Land while Tess’s family remained in Clairta. Tess wanted to live a simple life while Jacob was becoming more absorbed into the Englisher life with him working for a roofing company. He was more focus on his cell phone than listening to Tess when they did have time alone. There were great struggles and Tess felt like she was all alone when she would see her quilting circle friends and their happiness being married. Marriage takes work and Tess felt as if she had done all she could to have Jacob’s attention. When Jacob mentioned selling her goats—well that was the end for Tess. She was going to leave and return to her family in Clairta. She spent time with Clare Rose and Ollie.

Amy Lillard keeps her readers on the edge of their seats. The characters come to life right off the pages. Her characters go through real life struggles.

I received a free copy from NetGalley with the only request to write an honest review about the book. No money was exchanged. This is my review written in my own words.

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