A Country Between by Stephanie Saldaña

cover90866-mediumA Country Between:Making a Home Where Both Sides of Jerusalem Collide by Stephanie Saldana is a fascinating read of places and experiences most of us will never have.

The author Stephanie, meets her to be husband Frédéric who was in his third and final year as a novitiate soon to become a monk at The Syrian desert monastery Deir Mar Musa, north of Damascus. I have not read the first part of this memoir, which I must do soon, to learn more about their relationship.
The Country Between, takes place when they move out of Syria and are trying to find out where they should live. They end up on Jerusalem’s Nablus Road, a fascinating place with a lot of history.
The author writes beautifully, and in a very lyrical way. Her descriptions of places, the people, even the view from their window, of birds and trees created wonderful pictures in my mind, ones that even though I may never go there, I will feel that I have seen.

There are a lot of messages we can take from the authors life and perceptions of it, like hope, forgiveness, strength and the beauty of life as we see it and also in its hardships.
This is a wonderful look at a family being formed, and of families being there for one another throughout ones life, and the closeness and sacrifices they endure for one another.

Thank you NetGalley  and Sourcebook (non-fiction) for the advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.

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