Jerry’s Mystery by W.W. Rowe

cover94966-mediumJerry’s Mystery by W.W. Rowe is the 3rd book in the series. The book is about Jerry, who is now in 7th grade. This year there is a new kid in the school who is from France. The girls go crazy over his accent and good looks. Jerry has to deal with jealousy and revenge. Jerry’s friend, Wilcox, helps him through the difficult time with meditation and looking for the Higher Self. Jerry soon realizes that not everything needs to be dealt with and to always be his better self.

A wonderful book for those in the middle grades having to deal with not being the popular kid anymore, or just dealing the jealousy. This book also helps to teach compassion, even when it is thought it should be given.

In this novel, jealousy, deception, revenge and betrayal are explored in this novel.. Advice is given that helps Jerry come to grips with his feelings. There is also more exposure to what the soul is. This story gives one the opportunity for the reader to think about what to do if in the situations that Jerry has.

I received this book from Larson Publications via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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