What About Me? by Vicki Courtney

cover97444-mediumWhat About Me? by Vicki Courtney addresses the very issues almost every young girl faces in an easy-to-read style, as if they were sitting down together over a cup of hot chocolate. Each chapter has QR codes to scan that link to videos of real and darling girls answering questions like “What makes someone beautiful ‘on the inside'”?

The book contains four chapters which are Mirror, Mirror, That Thing You Do, Get More Likes, and The Truth of the Matter.

The first chapter; Mirror, Mirror is about self awareness and what God says about inner beauty; accepting your body shape and appearance; not comparing yourself to someone else. The second chapter; That Thing You Do is about God-given gifts and talents; emotional ups and downs of this age group; problems with exaggerating to make ourselves more appealing; our worth is not tied into failures; handling middle school; dealing with pressure. The third chapter; Get More Likes is about choosing God’s way or the popular crowd’s way; accepting who you are; those embarrassing moments; bullying, boys. Lastly, the fourth chapter; The Truth of the Matter is about what does God think about you; feeling valued; being a princess and an heir; having a relationship with Jesus.

In between each chapter are quizzes, relevant bible verses, advice from high school girls, and “Letter to My Daughter”. Reading this book can change the perspective in young girls about themselves and their world. It can solidify their relationship with Jesus and enrich their relationship with God.

I received this book from B&H Publishing Group and B&H Kids via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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