Captain by Sam Angus

cover91313-mediumCaptain by Sam Angus is set a year after the start of world war one and is a story about a young boy (Billy Bayliss), who joins the army even though he is underage. From Alexandria his journey takes him to set sail and take part in the Gallipoli Campaign. In the story he meets a refugee boy, Captain, and his donkey Hey-ho.

I found the book reasonably easy to read, but felt it dragged on at some points. I thought the description was really well done especially the sky and land where the fighting took place. At some points the sentences did not make sense because the story is told by the main character narrating it to a nurse. I thought this was clever but it meant it was not easy reading and had to re-read sentences a few times.

At the start I felt sorry for Billy Bayliss because everyone teased him and he had no friends in his regiment. I also really liked Captain as he was kind to everyone and always looked out for Billy. As time went on I started to dislike Billy more and more because as his popularity grew with other people in his regiment, he pushed Captain to the side lines. This did not seem to affect the way Captain behaved and made me admire him even more as he was still always there for Billy.

I received this book from Feiwel & Friends via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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