Kalifus Rising by Alane Adams

27468628Kalifus Rising by Alane Adams is the second book in the “Legends of Orkney” trilogy. Sam Baron is in the grip of the evil leader witch Catriona and before that he reveals himself with a darker side for which he is endangered with his darkness taking his toll and he is an important weapon of the Volgrim witches. Sam is a captive in Catriona’s prison and he is unaware that his friends have been summoned by Odin to Orkney to save his life. They have been assigned to help no matter what circumstances it leads to or even if death make its way they still have to find a way to rescue Sam . Now the question arises is Sam able to overcome his dark side? What impact and strategies are carried out to release him from the captive? And how the story takes the path? In order to get all the answers to the questions i would recommend my fellow readers to go ahead and read the book.

The author has stored in many beautiful words and jotted them into beautiful phrases which makes a connection between the reader and keep an urge to know whats happening next. She has engrossed many mythological scenarios which makes the book to be a page turner. Her writings are curved with rich words and has a vast input of imagination which carries the reader to a different world ie into the story. There are many textures and elements which make the story more creative.

I received this book from SparkPress via NetGalley and Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.



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