As a Boy by Plan International

29382764As a Boy by Plan International is a book with colorful images of boys as they live their daily lives. Is an inspiring story about boys and their families around the world. The reader learns that being a boy means having certain choices and freedoms that others do not have, such as being able to attend school, but it also brings responsibilities and tough decisions. The text describes how a thoughtful boy would want his mother, his sister, and his daughter to have the same freedoms to choose for themselves as he and other boys do.

Children need to know that boys are treated differently than girls around the world. Their needs are put above their sisters. But, boys also face the burden and pressure of growing up quickly to be a man, to work, to support their families, to fight and to be brave. Each page features breathtaking, expressive, and powerful photographs that will touch your heart. No matter how difficult lives can be, there are so many smiles on their faces and a glimmer of hope.

Small captions indicate what country is represented in the photos. Undoubtedly, the book will spark many discussions about what life is like for a boy or for a girl and how much of an impact education might have on the future of each one of those youngsters.

I received this book from Second Story Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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