The Most Magnificient Thing by Ashley Spires

18383325The Most Magnificient Thing by Ashley Spires is a cute kids book about never giving up on what you are trying to accomplish no how frustrating or difficult it may be. The main character is a girl who wants to make something unique something magnificent.

The illustrations are simply beautiful and elegant with bright high quality color. I loved the idea of the story and the with that the author included in this beautiful story skillfully. The simplicity of the story and the concept is something that made this picture book special to read.

I love the different ways the girl tries to make the magnificent thing better. At the peak of her frustration she she quits then she gains a little perspective with the help of her assistant and comes back to examine the many wrong things she made only to realize they all have things about them that she likes. After closely examining all of the wrong things she finally knows how to make her thing magnificent and she does! It’s not perfect, it leans, it’s heavy, it’s not the best color but it’s just what she wanted and she’s no longer disappointed.

I like that the protagonist is unnamed. She is just “the girl”, she could be any girl. The story has a nice sense of humor to it. I like the way the neighbors found uses for the girls “failures.” What I enjoyed most was how the author conveys emotions. The girl is consumed and a little oblivious of the world around her as she works toward her goal. She tries many things until she nearly reaches exhaustion where she explodes with frustration. After a little break she comes back with a new perspective and can see what she created wasn’t so bad after all. She takes all of the things she liked best about her failures and puts them together to make her magnificent thing.

This is a sweet book that anyone who has tried to create something from a picture in their mind will be able to relate to. It’s a great message to children that they should not give up if they are not immediately successful.

I received this book from Kids Can Press, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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