Buying Samir by Kimberly Rae

23394238Buying Samir by Kimberly Rae is about a young girl, Jasmina, who has been rescued from the streets of India. Jasmina had been exploited by child traffickers, and now is on the road to learning how to trust again. Jasmina is given a safe place to live with loving adults, yet she desires to find her family that she betrays those who would look after her. She sets out to rescue Samir, her brother, but she tries to do it on her own.

This book describes the dangerous side of the streets throughout the story. Through Jasmina’s story, we learn more ways that people are lured in and human trafficked in India. Parts of the story were exciting, but Jasmina was more passive than usual while she figured out what was going on with the “modelling” business. I’d expected this to be more about Samir’s story, but it’s not. It’s Jasmina coming to terms with how human trafficking has destroyed her family.

By the end of the story we are left with the beautiful outcome of Jasmina accepting Jesus Christ as her Savior. We see how His love can turn her tragedies into a story of healing and triumph. Samir, on the other hand, has sadly chosen to embrace his hatred and anger. It has turned him into becoming the very people he hated. Life is like that. We face trials, and who we turn to…God or Satan/the lost world…will decide whether our story is triumphant or tragic.

star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597I have this book 4/5 stars.

I received this book from BJU Press via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.


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