The Born Again Runner by Pete Magill

25810647The Born Again Runner by Pete Magill is about motivating people to get out there and run.  The book is simple, has a clear structure. It has three sections which are before, during, and after the process of becoming a runner, each with four chapters. Each chapter begins with an introduction and ends with a summary to reinforce the lesson. My favorite part of each chapter is the “becoming a runner” profile, which is a story of a man or woman who one day decided to start running. Some are now record holders, some  are ordinary people who like to run. They are all inspirational.

I like the persistent focus on starting easy and slow, which is something a lot of beginners do not realize or simply forget. The biggest mistake for any runner is in the actual training itself.  In the book Magill talks about how in the beginning programs people should spend the first three weeks walking. I think this makes sense for those who are “couch potatoes” and are just getting out and being active.  This; however, will be extremely frustrating to active people who want to start running. The training schedules focuses on time rather than mileage. This makes sense for those who are beginning.  I like that he recommends strides and hill sprints for speed workouts.

The sections on “mythbusting” and on running and racing etiquette are nothing an experienced runner does not know, but useful for the real beginner.  The section on “mistakes” is something even experienced runners could use a reminder on, and the injury prevention exercises would be useful to all runners.

I received this book from The Experiment via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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