Wanderlust by Roni Loren

Untitled-5Wanderlust by Roni Loren is a unique story. On first glance the main characters appear to be complete opposites. The main characters had different upbringings, different places in life, and on different paths. Somehow, not sure how, the characters look beyond the differences and they show the world that they are meant for each other. Wanderlust is a complicated romance. As the reader we get to learn about the many layers that make up the characters. We learn about their pasts, temper triggers. We also learn about what makes them strong. The complicate love story pulls on the heart strings and keeps you wanting more.

One of the main characters is Aubrey.  Aubrey was reckless on night and that choice has changed her life forever. Aubrey is asked by her boss at NOLA to cover for the music report. She is worried that being back int he music scene again, yet doing the six part feature could get her promoted.  She is determined to stay in control and get the job done. The tone for the book is set when Aubrey first meets Lex Logan who is the lead singer for Wanderlust.

There is chemistry and so much more between Aubrey and Lex. Both characters know which buttons to push and neither character will willing to back away.  Lex is sexual while Aubrey secretly loved the attention because of her past. However, she would not allow herself to enjoy it. It was enjoyable that Lex eventually opened up to Aubrey about his past. This was something that was hard for him to do since he hated to talk about it. In both Aubrey and Lex there is a lot of hurt in their past. Lex was ready to leave the past in the past; however, Aubrey was not to that point yet which causes some conflict.

This is a great emotional story that allows the characters to grow and accept things the way they are instead of trying to change the things that cannot be changed.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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