Orphan Trains by Rebecca Langston-George

28857989Orphan Trains by Rebecca Langston-George is a non-fiction book about orphaned children.  It’s a book about planned migration of children from New York City over the span of 75 years to various points primarily in the Midwestern United States with the purpose of finding new families. Some children found loving mothers and fathers who provided a nurturing environment. Others found servitude. All children were given an escape from an unknown future.

This  book introduces the reader to specific boys and girls who traveled on the train and we get a glimpse of the past and future of the children.  The reader learns about organizations that worked with abandoned children of the city. The vintage photographs allows the reader to learn about many subjects regarding abandon children who were on the Orphan trains.

I highly recommend this book for middle school aged children. It would be a great book read to a middle school class when teaching American History.

I received this book from Capstone and Capstone Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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