The World in My Kitchen by Sally Brown and Kate Morris

The World in My Kitchen by Sally Brown and Kate Morris is a wonderful cookbook. It is a book that is not only a cookbook but also an instruction manual for cooking and teaching children to do the cooking. It is a great resource for the home to help parents teach their children.

The book is separated by different regions around the world. Each section has recipes to represent the culture and type of food prepare that is common to eat in that region. For each region there are about three or four recipes. The recipes are easy to make.  The recipes are not always authentic but they are kid friendly.

The book is easy for the child to follow as they prepare the meal with the supervision of an adult. The book has suggestions and recommendations for adult to help with burns. A basic equipment list is provided to help with the cooking process. Cooking and knowing how to prepare a meal is an important skill that all children need to know and this book provides some easy to follow recipes.

I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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