The Reason I Run by Chris Spriggs

The Reason I Run by Chris Spriggs is a book about running a marathon but in reality it is so much more, it is the greatest race of transforming lives. Chris starting running late in life and as he ran more he looked more to his Uncle Andrew as an inspiration. Uncle Andrew was an avid runner who had a huge list full of advice. The book is full of passion, love, and humor, which results in inspiration.

Uncle Andrew was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), or for Americans it is known as ALS.. It not only shocked Andrew, but also anyone who knew him. Slowly the disease took Uncle Andrew’s capabilities of performing daily tasks that once were taken for granted. Running was one of those tasks. Uncle Andrew was Chris’ favorite uncle, so he decided to run one last marathon. This was not simply Chris running a marathon, this was Chris running while pushing Uncle Andrew. Before Chris embarked on his adventure he asked for Andrew’s permission and approval.

Chris conducted research in order to prepare for the marathon training and running with a wheelchair. In the process he tracks down Mick n Phil. They are a father and son team who have competed in at least 12 marathons. The father, Mick, pushes Phil, the son who has cerebral palsy, throughout the races. Chris was able to meet and talk with Mick to learn tips about running form as it pertains to pushing a wheelchair. Chris is able to put the tips into practice. Chris and Andrew become a team enjoying the adventure, wherever it takes them.

The Reason I Run is an inspiring read for runners, non-runners, and future runners. If you have forgotten why you run, Chris and Uncle Andrew can help you find a reason.

I give this book 4/5 stars.

I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley


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