Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally- a YA book review

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.11.03 AMJesse’s Girl (Hundred Oaks Series #6) by Miranda Kenneally. Jesse’s Girl caught me by surprise. I won Breathe, Annie, Breathe from Goodreads and fell in love with the story, and author’s writing style. However, for some reason Jesse’s Girl did not excite me. I’m not a person who is interested in music. I finally brought myself to read Jesse’s Girl and Miranda Kenneally’s writing style drew me in yet again and made me excited. I give this book a 4.5/5 rating.

At the beginning of the story the readers are introduced to Maya Henry, who is the younger sister of Sam Henry (Finding Jordan).  As a requirement to complete High School Maya must complete a career mentoring day. Her principal is Jesse Scott’s uncle and is able to get Maya the opportunity to shadow the famous country music star, Jesse Scott.

Shadow day is known for being boring, and a waste of time and that is exactly what Maya expected. However, it ends of being one of the best days of her life. Jesse Scott becomes a reminder of everything that she has lost. Maya realizes that if she wants something bad enough, she’s going to have to get it herself.
In the beginning of the Maya is lost. She doesn’t know what to do with her life. She wants to do something with music as a career but she was just kicked out of the band that she started, plus to make matter’s worse the guy she has feeling for is the person who kicked her out. Needless to say, Maya is feeling defeated. By the end of the story Maya ends up being one of those characters that were lost, but end up finding themselves.

Throughout the story we see how Maya grows and becomes stronger. Maya and Jesse are a good combination. They teach each other lessons. They are a good match. In the beginning Jesse is rude and annoying. For shadow day, Maya is to follow Jesse around and see what a “typical” day as a musician is like but Jesse had a different plan since it was his day off. Maya and Jesse had a little day of adventure. On the day they share adventure, secrets, and develop a friendship that ends up developing into more than that.

Miranda Kenneally’s books have you crying, happy, sad, and frustrated throughout the books. She really knows how to tug at the emotions of the reader. She combines music and love into one cute adorable romance.

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