Disney’s Big Hero 6, vol. 1


I received Disney’s Big Hero 6, vol. 1 from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review of the book. I am a person who loved all things Disney.  When I entered to review this book I was not expecting it to be a comic book. Comic books are not something I enjoy typically.  This book is about a boy named Hiro who is a genius and dreams of being an inventor like his older brother. The book takes an unexpected turn when Hiro’s old brother vanishes while saving his life. Hiro was devastated. Hiro had every right to sulk in his grief and be lonely and blame himself for his brothers disappearance, but instead he develops a friendship with his brother’s last invention; a health-care companion robot named Baymax. The robot was exactly what Hiro needed to get back up on his feet. Baymax and Hiro go on many adventures which helps Hiro to not be as lonely.  The book follows the plot of the movie closely but the author has his own twist to it.

While I typically do not enjoy manga and comic books, I did enjoy this one.  I recommend this book for ages 9-13 and anyone who enjoys cartoons, manga or comic books.


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