When We Fall by Emily Liebert


I received “When We Fall” by Emily Liebert for free from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.

The book “When We Fall” by Emily Liebert is a definite page turner. The main character, Allison Parker, 11 years prior to the story suddenly was faced with the death of her husband, and still 11 years later she is trying to pick up the pieces. Her husband, Jack, was in a bus accident that caused his untimely death which resulted in him never to meet his son Logan. Allison was left raise Logan alone as a single mom.  Allison, an artist, put her career on hold me be the best mom she could be even though her life was fall apart around here.  Prior to moving to Wincourt to have a fresh new start, Allison and Logan lived in New York. Wincourt is a suburb of New York. Allison found a house with a place where she could focus on her art career and Logan could attend a good school.

On Logan’s first day of school, Allison meets Charlotte who is Gia’s mom and Logan’s classmate. Come to find out the Charlotte is the wife and Gia the daughter of Charlie who was Jack’s best friend.  Charlie and Jack worked and attended the same summer camp. Sadly, Charlie never called Allison after Jack died.  Immediately, Charlotte and Allison became fast friends.  They both were in need of a good friend so it was perfect timing, but then things get complicated and everything fell apart.

Allison and Charlotte became friends, good friends even. But Charlotte has a friend named Sabrina who tries to make everyone miserable. Sabrina told a lie to Charlotte that Allison and Charlie were having an affaire even though that was far from the truth. It caused a strain in Charlotte and Allison’s relationship, which left Allison utterly confused and Charlotte feeling hurt.

The relationships are well developed and true. It’s easy to identify with the characters of the story if you have ever been in a relationship or lost someone close to you. There is heartbreak but there is also hope. Hope that while relationships can have strains if you work things out there is hope that all things will work together. The minor characters bring an added level of trueness to the story.

I recommend this book for anyone who likes reading about relationships, families, and chic flicks.

I give this book a 4/5 star rating.

Thank you for reading. Please comment or ask questions if you wish.

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