Book Review: Time Travel: Dinosaur by Matt Youngmark

I received Time Travel: Dinosaur by Matt Youngmark for free in exchange for a review. When I found out I won this book I was excited.  I grew up reading Choose Your Own Adventure books and I felt that this book would have the opportunity to throw me back to sitting on the floor in the library with my friends reading for hours on end. This book most definitely did except this time I was sitting in my bathtub soaking my soak body after a long day at work.

The book is witty yet it causes the reader to think beyond the story, it causes the readers imagination to run wild and imagine as if they are in a jungle somewhere, to running for their life from a dinosaur to being an actual dinosaur to spending time on the moon with cops.  The goal is to save the original timeline and you are able to do this through time travel.

There is some profanity used in this book, so while it appears to be perfect for children I believe it is aimed more for readers who are teenagers because of language use.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I hope teenagers and other adults who want a revamped choose your own adventure book to spark their imagination and entertain them for several hours.

I give this book a 2.5/5 star rating

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