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I received, Rose of Sarajevo by Ayse Kulin, for free in exchange for a review from goodreads. The synopsis caught my attention and I was immediately excited to read this book. I knew very little about the Balkans crisis prior to reading this book but now I feel that I understand some of what the people experienced and how families were torn apart for a crisis that is deep within the roots of the people. For the first part of the book the story appeared to creep along the pages as the author explained the reason for the war and give the backstory. Once the necessary explanation was completed the story took off and captivated me as the reader. Violence occurs. A town is destroyed. Heartbreak. Death. And finally, family members leaving to fight a war that so many see as senseless.

At the beginning Nimeta (the main characters) appears to be a woman is strong, dedicated, journalist whose a mother, a daughter, and a wife. She has done everything correct just as is expected of her until she meets Stefan who she unexpectedly fall in love with. She has to make the decision of doing what is right and doing what her heart says.

As a person who loves historical novels, this book was perfect. I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about history, especially a part of history that is not discussed much.

I give this book a 4/5 star rating

Thank you for reading. Please comment or ask questions if you wish.

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